How to earn a TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award 

With more than 260 million unique monthly visits, TripAdvisor is by far the most influential traveller review site in the world. Fortunately for tourism operators, it can be a great partner for your business. But just listing your business is not enough to get your name and products noticed. To really rise above the rest, operators should aim

3 business partnerships your tourism business needs

The phrase ‘no man is an island’ couldn’t be more true in the tourism industry. Everything is connected and everyone relies on each other. As a tourism operator, you’re never truly self-sufficient. You have to partner with other businesses to expand your network and grow your business. So which businesses should you partner with?     Online Agents Having

How to prepare your tourism business for a post-pandemic future 

Business owners around the world are scrambling for solutions and ideas to keep their businesses afloat during and after this pandemic. One thing’s for certain: a ‘business-as-usual’ approach is not going to work in the post-pandemic future. This unprecedented event requires an unprecedented response. And the only way to really take control of your business’ future is

Promo codes for tourism operators: what you need to know 

There are a lot of powerful marketing tools in a tourism operator’s tool kit. One such proven tool is the promo code. While every traveller is different, everyone loves a good deal. Promo codes make offering those deals a piece of cake!    Offering promo codes gives your tour business the chance to get more direct bookings from motivated customers. But how

How to work with Visitor Information Centres to promote your tour business 

For a lot of tourists, a Visitor Information Centre is the first point of contact at their destination. A lot of operators will distribute brochures, flyers, and posters to these centres in the hope of attracting tourists’ attention. But are you making the most of your local centre? Here’s how to do it.    Visitor Information Centres don’t

How listening to your customers can spell business success  

It’s easy to overlook customer service. No matter how good your products or services are, people will always have their opinion. And as a tourism operator, it’s your job to listen to your customers’ feedback. While marketing, sales, and operation strategies are important, happy customers lead to more sales, better marketing, and improved sustainability for your business.  So how can you

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Tips for choosing a payment gateway for your tourism business 

Deciding on your booking platform is one of the most important parts of running your tourism business. There are lots of things to consider, one of which is the payment gateway. Before you decide, here are three of the most important questions to ask about payment gateways so you can make the right choice.     Which payment gateway will I

The benefits of customer loyalty programs for tourism businesses

Dogs love treats. Children love stamps and stickers. Travellers love frequent flyer points. Wanting to be appreciated is human nature! And your tourism business can use this to your advantage by having a customer loyalty program in place. Customer loyalty programs are a win-win for business and customers alike. Loyal customers are rewarded with special prizes, discount programs, and deals, while your business

How to convert cancellations to future bookings

Hotels, restaurants and tourism operations have all struggled with booking cancellations and sending out refunds to customers over the last few months. In challenging times like these, issuing refunds can seriously hurt your cash flow. But it’s not your only option. Here are some things you can try to turn those cancellations to future bookings.

Secrets to maintaining year-round profitability for tourism operators 

Seasonality is the nature of the travel industry. Tourism operators know this all too well. While peaks and troughs are inevitable, there are ways minimise the effects on your bottom line.  We’re going to let you in on some secrets to maintaining year-round profitability for tourism operators.   Take advantage of the peak season While

Why you need to promote sustainable travel as a tourism business 

In the past few years, there’s been a growing demand for sustainable tourism. Around the world, people are becoming more conscientious about how they live, work – and travel. Many travellers want (and expect) to see tourism making a positive impact on the environment, society, and even the economy.    As a tourism operator, it is important that

How to create an impressive itinerary your customers can’t resist 

Before making a booking, most travellers spend hours finalising their itinerary. They do their research, reading reviews and scouring the Internet for the best deals. So let’s make life easy for these travellers by providing an impressive itinerary of your own. Not only will you win them over by displaying your knowledge of the area, but you

How to get a competitive edge in the travel industry 

Competition is fierce in the travel industry. Thanks to the internet and social media, it’s never been easier for travellers to see the world of travel possibilities. Everyone is fighting for a larger slice of the pie. But just because competition is fierce, it doesn’t mean you can’t earn good money from the market. There’s enough pie for everybody. If you’re

Why you should accommodate last-minute bookings to boost your bottom line 

Let’s talk about last-minute bookings. Sure, they can’t be a pain, but the fact is spontaneity is the name of the game young people who love to travel. And this is good news for the tourism industry, as more and more people book last-minute – filling out any vacancies.    With that said, it is important for

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How to leverage Early Bird discounts during coronavirus lockdown

It might be hard to imagine now, but there will come a time when the coronavirus pandemic is over. Yes, really! There are already signs that hotel bookings in China are recovering while cruise bookings for 2021 are starting to fill too. It’s a good sign that travellers are looking ahead beyond this pandemic. You need to do

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How to attract local tourist bookings when international numbers are down

Pandemics, natural disasters, civil or political unrest can all deter foreign travellers from visiting your local destination. During times like these, when international travel is banned, it can be challenging to keep your business afloat if you rely heavily on overseas tourists. International bookings are great, but they shouldn’t make or break your business. Now

woman with mask sitting in empty airport
The Tourism Operators’ Guide to Surviving Covid-19  

You may have noticed the world is at a complete stand-still because of the coronavirus pandemic. The world’s on fire: the stock market is shot, travel plans are cancelled, airlines are haemorrhaging money, and our beloved tourism industry is sitting at rock-bottom. Economic experts around the world are talking about the impending recession. Without a

Collection of Apple products, laptop, table and desktop computer
The basics of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term for marketing that is done through electronic means. There are many types of digital marketing and trying to keep on top of all of them can be daunting. We’ve put together a list of basic digital marketing tools that all tourism operators should know about. Having a good handle

Man writing on laptop looking at woman
6 tips to take the pain out of writing

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it can be downright terrifying for some people. Writing should be easy, right? It’s the same as speaking! Well not quite, so here are six tips for better writing help get you over the line and back to doing what you do best. 1. Story Telling

Tourism Accelerator Product Packaging
Collaborating with other tourism operators to drive demand

These days, people want to make the most of their weekend away or three-week holiday. It’s no surprise travellers are looking beyond a single destination or attraction to the wider region when planning trips. Travel packages make decision making easy and are a great way to entice visitors to explore your region. Understanding how to

Tourism Accelerator Trade Famils
How to leverage tourism trade famils

Trade partnerships are one of the most effective, affordable forms of marketing. By building a team of trusted partners, your product will be sold around the world. Developing close links with trade partners can make a huge difference to your company. One of the best ways to showcase your brand is for those partners to

Tourism Accelerator Digital Strategy
How a digital strategy can keep you on track

Have you ever spent money on advertising, without ever finding out if it delivered a return on investment? The old saying “you need to spend money to make money” is true, but without a clear plan, you can find yourself throwing good money after bad. So how do you get out of the mud? With

Tourism Accelerator Online booking Systems
Managing accommodation bookings effectively

Managing a live reservation calendar and trade partners is streamlined through a channel manager Accommodation operators can now access a number of easy to use online booking systems which streamline booking and guest management. Accommodation systems such as Little Hotelier, RMS or Lodgify make it super easy to manage your property. These systems allow you to: Automate your communications with

Getting started in tourism distribution

Imagine if you could advertise around the world, and only pay once you received a sale… The tourism distribution system is an effective way to market your product, while only paying for that marketing once you make a sale. You can promote your product through international marketing campaigns with little to no upfront cost. How

How an online booking system will streamline your tourism experience

With so many online booking systems on the market, it can be hard tourism operators to know where to start. At Tourism Accelerator, we support operators to choose booking systems that meet the unique needs of their business. Customers increasingly expect to be able to make a confirmed booking online through a secure online payment

Managing your key tourism relationships

Managing key accounts effectively is the answer to long-term clients Looking after your key accounts is vital to ensuring your most value partners and clients, continue to support you in the future. From developing promising partnerships to nurturing developing opportunities and maintaining relationships with key partners, account management is not only about maintaining effective communication

Choosing a CRM system to keep your data in order

Streamline your business processes with a CRM system to automate business At Tourism Accelerator, an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System is so important, so that we can provide current information that is relevant for our clients at any given time. When utilising a CRM system that is set up effectively, can make all the