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Our tourism industry is facing unprecedented challenges, with a number of businesses directly affected by COVID-19.

We need to support each other during this time, and the 12 week Tourism Bootcamp is your chance to make a difference online.

The 12 week online program including weekly webinars, an online support forum and a chance to make changes to your business to implement those ‘rainy day’ projects.

Your support crew


We completely understand that you may not be able to join each session. All webinars are recorded, and you are able to access the recordings and resources in the course files below. 



Navigating COVID-19 in the Tourism Industry

Friday 3 April 2020, 11AM ACST

Understanding your product USP

Thursday 9 April 2020, 11AM ACST

Developing your digital marketing plan

Friday 17 April 2020, 11AM ACST

Refining your tourism product

Friday 24 April 2020, 11AM ACST

Understanding the distribution system

Friday 1 May 2020, 11AM ACST

Packaging and collaboration

Friday 8 May 2020, 11AM ACST

Being ahead of the game

Friday 15 May 2020, 11AM ACST

Developing appealing packages

Friday 22 May 2020, 11AM ACST

Maximising trade partner relationships

Friday 29 May 2020, 11AM ACST

Preparing a product pitch

Friday 5 June 2020, 11AM ACST

Understanding email marketing

Friday 12 June 2020, 11AM ACST

Creating Facebook Ads

Friday 19 June 2020, 11AM ACST

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Webinar recordings are loaded into the topics below – so once it has been completed live, you will be able to stream the webinar online. 

Webinars are available for you to access for the duration of your program. 

To provide support to the group as a whole, we ask that you post any questions that you require support with directly in our closed Facebook Group. 

You are able to access the closed Facebook group by clicking the following link:

If you have joined the program by paying $295 upfront, you are entitled to a one on one mentoring appointment. Your appointment can be booked online at any time during the program.    


JobKeeper is a Federal Government subsidy paid to eligible businesses effected by COVID-19 to cover the costs of their employee’s wages.
Affected employers will be able to claim a fortnightly subsidy payment of $1,500 per eligible employee from 30 March 2020, for a maximum period of 6 months. This full amount of $1,500 must then be paid to all eligible employees, whether they are full time, part time or casuals.
Here is a brief summary of how the JobKeeper payments are made:
  • They are paid by the ATO within 14 days of month end.
  • The first payment will be on 1 May 2020.
  • The eligible payroll periods are every 14 days, commencing 30 March 2020.
  • Monthly employer payroll reporting is required to trigger the payment by the ATO – using Single Touch Payroll (STP)

The employer will continue to receive the subsidy payments for eligible employees while they are eligible for the payments. While the program is expected to run for 6 months, payments will stop if the employee is no longer employed by the business.

Business Participation Entitlement

Sole traders and some other entities (such as partnerships, trusts or companies) may be entitled to the JobKeeper Payment scheme under the business participation entitlement. A limit applies of one $1,500 JobKeeper payment per fortnight for one eligible business participant. Sole traders, one partner in a partnership, one beneficiary of a trust, and one director or shareholder of a company may be regarded as an eligible business participant.



If a wrong claim is made or if the ATO in the future decides that you were ineligible to receive the JobKeeper payment, the ATO will require you to repay them any JobKeeper payments that you have received plus penalties and interest.
The key risks to you as the employer include:
  1. The employer certifies the facts provided to the ATO and the JobKeeper claim made.
  2. The employer receives significant JobKeeper payments over a 6 month period. For example, an employer with 10 employees would receive $195,000, and an employer with 20 employees would receive $390,000.
  3. If the employer makes a mistake and is found to be ineligible by the ATO (for example, its turnover is not down by 30%), then they may have to repay all amounts received back to the ATO.
  4. An employee ceases to be eligible if they cease employment during the life of this JobKeeper scheme.
Also, the ATO requires you to keep all records in relation to your JobKeeper claim for a 5 year period.


The ATO has specific actions that must take place within tight timeframes for an employer to receive the JobKeeper payment.
These are the actions that we can assist you with:

Employer Eligibility Assessment – NOW

  • Review ATO requirements for the business
  • Review ATO requirements for employees
  • Review ATO requirements for Business Participation Entitlement – Sole Trader, Partnership, Company or Trust
  • Document the fall in turnover % in case of future ATO audit

Identify Eligible Employees – NOW

  • Prepare list of eligible employees
  • Prepare JobKeeper employee nomination notice for all eligible employees and ensure all notices are signed

Make Correct Wage Payments to Eligible Employees – NOW

  • Ensure your payroll software is correctly set up to record JobKeeper “top up” payments
  • Pay the minimum $1,500 before tax to each eligible employee each fortnight (starting with the fortnight 30 March to 12 April) to be able to claim the JobKeeper payment for that fortnight
  • Continue to pay the minimum $1,500 to employees in every subsequent fortnight until 27 September 2020

Enrolment for JobKeeper – FROM 20 APRIL 2020

  • Enrol for JobKeeper using ATO online services from 20 April 2020
  • Provide employer bank account details for receipt of JobKeeper payment
  • Confirm if applicant is entitled to a “Business Participation Payment”
  • Specify the number of employees who will be eligible for one period and the number eligible for two periods
  • Get confirmation that all employees the employer plans to nominate are eligible and the employer has notified them and has their agreement

Apply for JobKeeper Payments – FROM 4 MAY 2020

  • Apply to claim the JobKeeper payment using ATO online services between 4 May 2020 and 31 May 2020
  • Ensure all eligible employees have been paid $1,500 per fortnight
  • Identify the eligible employees from a STP prefill or by manually entering into ATO online services
  • Update your accounting system Chart of Accounts to ensure JobKeeper payments are coded correctly

Monthly JobKeeper Declaration Report – DUE BY 7TH OF EACH MONTH

  • Using ATO online services, report to the ATO using their Monthly JobKeeper Declaration Report on the following:
  • Reconfirm that your reported eligible employees have not changed
  • Input current GST Turnover for the reporting month
  • Input projected GST Turnover for the following month
  • Notify if any eligible employees have changed or left your employment


We fully understand that times are tough at the moment, and like for your business, our team’s wages need to be paid as well as other operating costs.

There is a lot of work we need to do for you so that you can potentially receive the maximum JobKeeper benefit, and we want to be as transparent as possible with you about how we have calculated our price for our services and advice.

Upfront Work





Employer Eligibility Assessment




Employee Eligibility Assessment +

Employee Nomination Notices

(inc. Business Participant)




Enrol for JobKeeper with ATO




Apply for JobKeeper Payments









Ongoing Work 



Monthly JobKeeper Declaration Report, including Current GST Turnover + Projected GST Turnover and Employee changes


Out of Scope Work 

We will invoice you for our work at our special hourly rate of $90 per hour plus GST, with our invoice payable within 7 days of its date of issue.  Out of scope works may include additional services such as but not limited to payroll processing and setting up your accounting and payroll system to report and manage the process.


We have limited time to enrol you for JobKeeper (starting on 20 April 2020) and then making your first Application for JobKeeper Payments (starting on 4 May 2020).
Please let us know ASAP if you would like us to immediately start the above work for you and we will start the process and be in touch.

For support with this program